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Boards & Committees


The PCA Board of Directors

There are nine seats on the Board.  All Directors are volunteers, are unpaid, and are either elected by the community, or are appointed by the Board to fill vacant seats.  

Nicole Alexander                            Debbie Diatz  (Secretary)

Tony Durso (President)                 JoAnne Fischer

Mary Ellen Gillard                           Manny Gomez

Rod Ibacache                                   David Keim (Treasurer)

Michael McMillen (Vice-President)

PCA Committees

These are the PCA committees and their members.  

Architectural Control (ACC) 

Mary Ellen Gillard, Chair     (ACC@plantations1.org)

Debbie Diatz

Tony Durso

David Keim

Michael McMillen

Grounds    (to reach the entire Committee:  Grounds@plantations1.org)

Tony Durso, Chair                  (President@plantations1.org)

David Keim

Michael McMillen


Nicole Alexander, Newsletter Editor

Debbie Diatz

David Keim                               (info@plantations1.org)

Board and Committee FAQs

  1. How are committees formed?  The full Board of Directors votes to form committees.  Any resident can request to be appointed to a committee.  For questions, contact us at info@plantations1.org, leave us a voice-mail at 301-330-8560, or send us a message using the form on this website's Home Page.