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Community News


Community News

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Here are some news items that may be of interest.  

Club View Park News

Tennis Court Renovation:  Our tennis court renovation that began last fall will soon resume, and hopefully will be completed in May.  We need a few days of dry weather for the contractor to fill depressions, and to apply the playing surface.  

Basketball Court:  New nets have been hung.  We are looking into replacing the entire pole, backboard, and hoop assemblies, when the Board feels that our budget will allow it.  

Tree Damage:  February's ice storm caused many branches to break off the white pine trees that surround the park, and two trees were lost.  We also had tree damage in other parts of the community.  The cost of cleaning up this damage was quite high, and exceeded our tree maintenance budget for the entire year.  

Plantations Community FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions 

  1. Can I rent Club View Park?  The park pavilion can be used at no cost for activities such as family gatherings, but a reservation request must be filed with the PCA (see the Forms & Files Page).  For group and team use of the playing field, a $20 fee is charged for two hours of use.  
  2. What is the status of the tennis courts?  The two tennis courts are undergoing an extensive renovation.  A new asphalt surface has been installed, and the fence has been repaired.  The wet summer delayed work, and it became too late to install the acrylic playing surface, and to paint the lines.  The courts will be completed as soon as the spring weather allows.